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a relationship will not cure your issues, no matter how hard young adult books and films try to push that notion on us. if you have depression or bipolar or anxiety or whatever, getting into a relationship isn’t going to cure that or make it go away. person with illness + relationship = ill person in a relationship. please don’t put all of your focus on finding someone to fix you, focus on fixing yourself the right way.

"Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place."
-(via bl-ossomed)

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People who say sadness doesn’t hurt physically apparently never experienced feeling so sad. I’ve felt it in my legs, my jaw, my head, my quivering lips, aching eyes, and my aching chest. It hurts my chest the most because it literally feels like your heart is in pain.

I’m going to India tomorrow and I won’t be there for 2 weeks

I’m pretty sure that my trip will be amazing but now I’m kinda sad

I think I’ll really miss my friends, my mom and my cat

is it ok to be sad?


how to not misgender strangers

  • dont gender strangers


when boys stretch and their shirt does the thing and you can see their belt and the bottom of their stomach that is important